Pranav Mistry demonstrating SixthSense
Pranav Mistry demonstrating SixthSense

The SixthSense's is a wearable gestural interface that will allow us to bring the intangible into the tangible world created by Pranav Mistry. The device itself comprises of a pocket project, a mirror, and a camera, all in a pendant like, wearable device. The device itself will track user's hand gestures and transfer that information into the computer which the user will also be wearing. Using different colored markers on the user's fingertips, software will recognize the gestures and relay that information to the pocket projector to display desired actions. SixthSense will also support multi-touch and multi-user intereaction.

Application Uses

SixthSense can be used for displaying maps on any given surfaces, and give the user the option to zoom
or pan map images with just simple hand gestures. It will give users the ability to draw on any given surfaces simply by having the camera track the user's index finger.
It has Augmented reality capabilities as it can project information into objects that users can interact with. Such as graphs can be copied from a sheet of paper and then the exact copy will be projected on another piece of paper that the user targets.

It's software will recognize different hand gestures such as flicking motions, framing motions for pictures, and moving away information the user does not want displayed anymore.

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